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Truck Washing

Dale’s Transport Truck Washing is LA County’s premier truck wash.

We offer superior truck washing services.

Truck And Trailer Washout Benefits of maintaining a clean rig, inside and out Using regular trailer washouts as part of your hauling routine is extremely important.  Most trailers are minimally ventilated with many of these refrigerated units hauling fresh meat and food.  Applying regular trailer washouts for these units helps ensure that environmental and health criteria are satisfied.  Maintaining a micro-environmentally clean trailer helps you build a good reputation for your transportation company.

Trailer Washout Service

The trailer washout involves detailed disinfection of the interior of the trailer. Here’s how a trailer washout is different from a typical truck wash: Based on your request for a cold or hot wash, our washout employees pull the high pressure hoses to the very front of the trailer and then systematically and  thoroughly they spray down both side walls and the floor as they slowly clean and remove all debris from front to back. When they’re finished, your trailer is thoroughly clean throughout, walls and floor, from the front of the trailer to the exit doors. You simply won’t have this level of disinfection with a typical truck wash. How often should the inside trailer be washed out?  If a truck is transporting food, for example, it’s best to do a trailer wash after every haul to meet the strict rules and regulations for food transportation. Still Not Convinced? Dale’s Transport & Wash trailer washouts satisfy the cleanliness requirements refrigerated food haulers require. You can depend on Dale’s Transport & Wash to give your trailer’s interior a clean bill of health. We are all aware of how strict the rules and regulations are for food transportation, and for good reason! Don’t let bacteria collect in your trailer and risk contaminating your loads. A professional truck driver or transport company should consider the well-being of your customers and the people who will receive and consume the goods as important as your own. This is especially true when you’re hauling food products. Here’s the bottom line benefit of taking the time to have regular truck washouts: The health of you or your drivers is protected, the transport company owner will be proud to see his clean, non-contaminated trucks on the road and you’ll build repeat customers as they see your commitment to protecting their consumers.

Why use a professional trailer washing service?

    • A thorough trailer washout takes time, care and attention. Your best choice is to leave this task to people trained in the methods that produce a clean, uncontaminated truck you can drive with pride and confidence.
  • Regular truck and trailer washes, done properly, can lead to lower truck maintenance costs.
Take a break and take care of your truck. Your “home on the road” represents you and your transport company–keep it shiny and ready for the next load. It’s more than just dirt, it’s your reputation!

How To Find the Best Truck Wash Near You

You might have noticed there seem to be truck wash companies everywhere you look, so how do you know if they offer good service? Here’s where a little research can help you avoid costly mistakes. Before hitting the road, open Google Maps for the area and search for ‘truck wash’. Click through on the websites that appear and read about their experience, pricing and services provided. You can also visit a trucker forum online and read about the experiences of other truck drivers. After reading the facts, you will be able to make an educated decision about where to wash your truck and trailer. Each of these companies has its own specialty. The choice is yours. Remember: Not all truck wash companies are equal–a little time doing your homework will save you headaches down the road. As you research best truck washouts in the Los Angeles area, the services offered at  Dale’s Transport & Wash will be your obvious choice.

How Truck Washes Are Priced

Professional truck wash companies usually have a wide range of prices, dependent upon which services they provide.   Some companies have been in the truck washing business a long time, and they distinguish themselves from the competition by providing first-class services. In return, their prices might be higher. The unique benefits of Dale’s Transport & Wash is that we have been in the business for over 25 years offering the best service from a very experienced and friendly workforce and as you will see below the prices can’t be beat.
Trailer Hot Wash $24
Trailer Cold Wash $20
Bobtail (Hot/Cold) $17
—Truck Wash – Outside
Tractor $40
Trailer $30
Tractor / Trailer $70
Bobtail $35

Why it Matters–The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Truck and trailer washing represent one of the best ways to maintain your truck and ensure payload customer satisfaction. Having a truck that shines bright speaks a lot about the trucking company, as well as the truck driver. Your truck’s appearance plays a big role in enhancing the reputation of the trucking company. That’s why Dale’s Transport & Wash wants to be your primary trailer washout provider!


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