Dale’s Transport provides pallet services for your
trucking and payload needs.

We buy  pallets that you no longer need and/or we offer a variety of used pallets for sale (1A, 1B, & 2B) at competitive prices. We also carry load locks for purchase. Dale’s Transport provides pallet services for your trucking and payload needs. We specialize in standard 48×40 pallets. These pallets consist of used wood pallets and recycled wood pallets, ready for immediate sale for your payload deliveries throughout the LA area and beyond.

We Buy Used Wood Pallets, Refurbish & Sell Recycled Pallets

Used Pallets – If you are looking to buy used wooden pallets, Dale’s Transport & Wash is your source. We quality check all pallets that come in and identify those that can be repaired. After suitable pallets have been identified, the pallet is restored by recycling as much of the wood pallet as possible, augmented with skid lumber and hardware where necessary to full capability while at the same time keeping replacement costs down and minimizing waste. Our used pallets are reassembled with the best fasteners and are up to any job you may need them for. If you are looking to order in bulk, or if you are simply interested in a single used wood pallet, we have you covered.

Looking to sell pallets for money?

Call us for a current quote to buy your used pallets. If you need assistance buying or selling used wooden pallets in the LA area –Dale’s Transport & Wash is the company that can help! Call us today at: 323 264 2944 or email for pricing and delivery information. 

Types of Pallets We Sell

The most common pallet size is the 48″ x 40″ 4w gma (Grocery Mfg. Assoc.) This type of pallet is used in all phases of manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing throughout the world. This common size fits well in 18 wheeler trailers, which are typically just over eight feet wide, which allows maneuvering room to get the pallets in and out of the trailers quickly and safely.  Our used wood pallets are inspected and ready to go to work for you. Call 323 264 2944  today for your used pallet sales quote. We Look Forward to Serving You!

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