Dale’s Transport, established in 1959, is family owned and operated. Dale’s Transport has been providing superior trucking services for over five decades. We look forward to continue these superior services for our valued customers in the coming years. Please come visit us.

Our Business: Truck & Trailer Washout It’s What We Do

Dale’s Transport & Wash specializes in hot and cold pressure trailer washouts.

  • High-pressure cold wash ($20 for typical 53’ trailer)
    • Our cold wash spray, at 1000 psi pressure 6 gallons per minute, is the perfect solution for a lightly-soiled trailer that also needs debris removal.
  • High-pressure hot wash ($24 for typical 53’ trailer)
    • Our hot wash spray, at +160 degree temp,1000 psi pressure, 6 gallons per minute, is the perfect solution for your trailer with higher than average debris that requires special cleaning and sanitation.
  • The application of Super Strength Potshot deodorizer, at no additional cost, is available to eliminate those hard-to-erase odors.

Why Choose Dale’s Transport & Wash?

  • Convenient Location
    • Near downtown Los Angeles in the business-friendly City of Vernon
    • Quick in and out service – drive-thru facility layout, easy entry, and exit

    Free day time parking for our washout customers, as available

  • Exceptional service
    • Employees are super friendly & dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction
    • Open every weekday, Monday – Friday from 6 am to 6 pm

    Our truck wash facilities utilize the highest quality washing equipment guaranteeing your trailer will be 100% clean.

  • Dale’s Transport & Truck Wash is licensed, bonded, and fully insured

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