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Refrigerated Trailer Washout

Refrigerated Trailer Washouts – Why are they so important?

Whether you’re hauling food products or any other refrigerated product. It’s important to maintain a thoroughly clean reefer trailer free of all pests and contamination including food-borne illness, rodents, insects, mold & mildew, or any type of cross-contamination.

Not only is it important to maintain a clean safe trailer to prevent anyone from getting ill because of contamination, but its also important to make sure the DOT doesn’t have any cause to impose fines.

Refrigerated Trailer Washouts


Refrigerated transport goes a long way in keeping food safe, but it also brings added difficulties when you are trying to keep your loads fresh and clean as possible.  One reason is that returnable and re-usable packaging could have been stored and used in many different places before it arrived at the factory, and the possibilities for cross-contamination are enormous.

Be aware, not all reefer trailer washouts are equal.  In refrigerated trailers, just spraying out the trailer is not enough.  Many things including dirt, bits of food, moisture, and broken crates can fall between the slats and cause problems.  This can attract pests to breed and spread disease.  It can also create the perfect environment for the growth of mildew and mold.

It’s important to make sure that the refrigerated trailer washout facility you use knows how to completely and thoroughly clean your trailer to ensure you don’t have issues down the road.

There are no shortcuts to the cleaning and sanitizing of refrigerated trailers, the important thing is that this should be done thoroughly and often.  Cleaning after every load is ideal, so any procedure will have to be quick and effective, and make sure the right equipment is on hand to do so.  In reality, if it isn’t quick and easy, it won’t always get done




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